This is probably the #1 question we get asked at A-1 Tire & Battery.

The answer can be found on the sticker just inside your driver’s door.  The numbers on the side of your tires are NOT the amount of air pressure your tires should have!  If you see a number with a letter after it, that is the speed rating of your tire, not the amount of air pressure.  In the middle of the sticker in the attached picture is a column that lists the tire pressure.  In this case it is the same back and front (they can be different) at 35 pounds per square inch or PSI or (metric) 240 kilopascal or KPA.  You’ll notice at the top it says “cold tire pressure”.  This means the inflation of your tires before the vehicle is driven and before the tires warm up.  Under or over inflation can greatly reduce the life of your tires and impact your gas mileage.  Your air pressure should be checked on a regular basis and more frequently in the winter with the drastic changes in outside temperature.

To the right lists the correct tire size for the front and rear of this vehicle (and they can be different as well). The P in front of the tire can stand for P metric and or Passenger while the 114S is the load index and speed rating for this particular vehicle. Those numbers of course are also stamped on the sidewall of your tire. There is quite a bit of information on the sidewall of your tires.  All those numbers and letters are there for a reason and I will discuss what those numbers and letters mean and more in our next blog.

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