Automotive Inspections Ensure Your Vehicle is in Operating Condition

It is a big responsibility to keep your vehicles operating in peak condition to ensure the safety of you and your family during harsh weather conditions here in Edmonton. As our transportation is often our lifeline, our vehicles must perform well in the most frigid winter temperatures and hottest summer heat. That is why our loyal, repeat customers schedule regular 30-point Auto Inspections for all their Edmonton cars and trucks. Why not allow A-1 Tire & Battery to help you stay safe too?

  • Automotive Inspections Ensure Your Vehicle is in Operating Condition

    30-Point Routine Inspections Keep Your Vehicle Healthy

    Our highly trained, certified mechanics can notice a slight fray or wear on hoses or belts that, if overlooked, can burst or break and leave you stranded on a roadside. Regular 30-point Auto Inspections at A-1 in Edmonton means we keep an eye on the little things as well as the major systems that keep your vehicles operating at peak performance.

    At the top of the list for our 30-point routine inspections are the tires — among the most vulnerable parts of our vehicles. As the seasons change, whatever fills our vehicles’ tires contracts or expands with the temperature, changing the pressure inside. We suggest nitrogen for your tires because it is more stable than air so there is less fluctuation in the tire pressure. The amount of pressure is critical not only because it influences gas mileage, but because it dictates how your vehicle responds to handling or its reaction if it hits a road hazard or pothole. Tire pressure can make a difference in how much damage is incurred to your vehicle.

    A routine inspection ensures that all systems of your vehicle are maintained so that problems remain small and are caught before becoming major. Having our experienced mechanics perform regular service on your vehicles can mean the difference between your cars and trucks operating reliably and safely through all our Alberta seasons or you having a vehicle that will not deliver you to your destinations when you need to be there.

  • Schedule Special Inspections Before A Road Trip Or To Insure An Older Vehicle

    If you are planning a road trip or insuring an older vehicle, contact us for special Auto Inspections before leaving Edmonton or contacting your insurance company. Suggested areas to check before you hit the road for a holiday are: tires, brakes, hoses, belts, fluid levels — oil and power steering especially, cooling system for your engine and heating and air conditioning for your comfort. Knowing your vehicle is in good condition means you can relax and have a more enjoyable time on your vacation.

    Safety inspections are required before a vehicle 10 years or older can be insured. To pass the inspection, the fuel and exhaust systems, steering, suspension, engine controls, brakes, headlights, tires, lamps, glass, and wipers must meet the manufacturer’s standards. Nothing in these systems can be too worn or deteriorated if your older vehicle is to pass inspection. A-1 Tire & Battery is experienced in conducting insurance inspections and will be happy to help you insure your older model vehicle.

As a long-time Edmonton business interested in the safety and well-being of our customers, we encourage regular Auto Inspections by our certified mechanics. So, why not contact A-1 in Edmonton and schedule regular Auto Inspections for all your vehicles?