Regular Transmission Service Keeps Your Vehicle Running Smooth

The transmission is the heart of your vehicle, complicated and vital. To keep a car or truck transmission in top running condition, you must exercise caution and keep it regularly maintained. At A-1 Tire & Battery, we provide Transmission Service for Edmonton vehicles of all makes and models. All repairs and replacements are referred to a transmission specialist.

Automatic transmissions in today’s cars and trucks are comprised of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems, along with computer controls. If any part of the transmission does not work properly, your vehicle is in critical condition and you need to seek out the best Transmission Service in Edmonton. We have certified mechanics with decades of experience to help you extend the life of your transmission.

  • Servicing Your Vehicle’s Transmission

    Many of our customers prefer to keep an eye on their transmission fluid themselves. To you, we offer the following suggestions:

    • Drop the oil pan.
    • Install new filter.
    • Check fluid for level, color (red), and smell (slightly sweet).
    • Replenish as necessary and change around 80,000 kilometers. Do not over-fill the fluid.
    • Always use the transmission fluid specified in the owner’s manual for your specific vehicle.

    If you prefer to have us provide Transmission Service for your Edmonton vehicles, we are happy to do so. We also include transmission service and fluid check in the 30-point inspections of your regular maintenance schedule.

  • Driving Habits That Help Your Vehicle’s Transmission

    The health of a vehicle’s transmission begins with the owner of the car or truck. When driving, remember to:

    • Keep a foot on the brake when shifting from “Park”, and always use your emergency brake on a hill.
    • Before shifting into “Reverse” or “Park” come to a complete stop.
    • On cold days, allow your vehicle to warm for a minute or so before driving. On really frigid days, allow more time for your car or truck to get warm. Then, drive gently until the engine has time to get warm.
    • Don’t overload your vehicle.
    • Do not use your vehicle to tow. If you must, be aware of your vehicle heating. Heat causes the lubrication to deteriorate, and your transmission can be damaged.
    • Regularly check for leaks where you normally park your vehicle. If you notice drips, get the vehicle to one of our professionals for a complete inspection.

If your vehicle changes gears sluggishly or you notice sudden changes in the engine’s RPMs, your transmission needs to be checked by one of our certified professionals. When having Transmission Service, tell your Edmonton mechanic in detail what the symptoms are.

Our technicians are fully certified and have decades of experience in maintaining your vehicle. Any repairs and replacements are referred to a transmission specialist. You can trust A-1 in Edmonton with your Transmission Service. Your neighbors have been for almost 50 years.