Repair Your Front End, Shocks & Struts for a Smooth and Safe Ride

A-1 Tire & Battery is your reliable choice in Edmonton whenever your vehicle requires Front End Repair, or Suspension, Shocks, Struts, or similar service. We are a family-owned business with half-a-century in the automotive business and three-quarters of a century combined experience. So, we have the knowledge and latest equipment to diagnose and fix any of your automotive problems.

You can expect excellent customer service and the highest-quality, high-performance products when you allow A-1 to service your vehicles. Stop by to consult with our professionals, and let’s get the job done right.

  • Front End

    Front End

    Whether the front end of your vehicle needs to be repaired because of a mechanical damages incurred when you hit one of our famous Edmonton potholes or it is regular wear and tear, A-1 Tire & Battery is prepared to restore your car or truck to its regular condition. Keeping the front end of a vehicle properly aligned can extend the life of your tires, increase gas mileage, and save wear and tear on your shocks and struts. An inexpensive front end alignment regularly can save you inconvenience and larger repair bills. We look forward to scheduling a check-up for your vehicles.

  • Suspension, Shocks, Struts

    Suspension, Shocks, Struts

    Your Suspension System is what provides you with a smooth – or rough – ride in your vehicles as the suspension system is what holds the body above the wheels and allows them to move independently. The Shocks, or shock absorbers, and Struts have enclosed springs and liquid to lessen the impact passengers feel whenever a vehicle hits a bump in the road.

    Struts are so vital that you can not drive your vehicle without them as they support the car body. Without struts, the wheels cave in and the vehicle cannot move.

    Because your Suspension System is always there, invisible, it is sometimes difficult to know when it needs help. Signs it is time to consider Front End Repair and having your Suspension, Shocks, and Struts examined by your go-to Edmonton experts include (but are not limited to):

    • Ride becomes bumpy or uncomfortable
    • Your vehicle is difficult to drive and does not respond well
    • Fluid is leaking or struts appear dented or damaged
    • Cupping or uneven wear on tires
    • Car loses traction when braking

    Installing new Shocks and Struts is the best way to restore a smooth ride and fun driving to your vehicle. There is no place better for that than A-1 Tire & Battery. Contact us today so we can schedule a check-up for this critical area of your vehicles and ensure “smooth sailing” for all your trips.