Auto Repair Services by Certified Mechanics

Is your vehicle making unusual sounds? Does it squeal when you hit the brakes, pull to one side, or vibrate at certain speeds? Your vehicle is crying out for the best auto repair shop in Edmonton. Our mechanics are ASE-certified and follow the Motorist Assurance Program Uniform Inspection Guidelines when caring for your vehicles.

We have experienced technicians and diagnostic equipment to discover any problem with your truck or car along with the knowledge to repair it. We don’t do body work, so we can’t fix your scratches and dents or perform other cosmetic work, but the machinery, bumper to bumper, is within our auto repair expertise for your Edmonton vehicles. Our mechanics are proficient with front end repair: ball joints, tie rods, power steering and suspension and every other aspect of auto repair.

Don’t allow your car or truck to become sicker. Let’s get it diagnosed and treated so you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Front End, Shocks & Struts

Front End,
Shocks & Struts

If the suspension and steering system of your vehicle are not working in harmony, your vehicle will handle badly, tires will wear faster, and gas mileage will plummet. This is very important for the life of your vehicle and the safety to you and your passengers.

The components of your suspension system include control arms, ball joints, springs (coil or leaf), shock absorbers, and struts. As they age or are jolted by potholes, the components become worn and loose, creating problems with the way your vehicle handles and rides. If you have suspension issues, you will likely require a wheel alignment as well. Call to book an appointment for a quote on your suspension system auto repair to avoid further damage to your vehicle.


Brake Service


It is vital to your safety and those around you that the brakes on your vehicle work properly. So, if there is any hint of trouble – squeaking, squealing, sponginess when you hit the pedal – please rush your vehicle in and let our expert mechanics inspect and repair them for you. Your braking system is the result of 100 years of ingenuity and is complicated.

Our ASE-certified mechanics, with their decades of experience, are experts at diagnosing and repairing your disc and drum brakes, the hydraulics, replacing the shoes and pads, turning the rotors and ensuring that the cables are strong. The brakes of all your Edmonton vehicles have never been in better hands than those of our expert auto repair mechanics.


Auto Radiator Repair

Auto Radiator

Your engine is kept cool by a combination of water and antifreeze flowing through the radiator, picking up heat from the working engine, then displacing the heat by fan until it is again cool enough to circulate through the working parts to cool them. Any hindrance or blockage along the way slows the cooling process and raises the temperature of your vehicle.

You know how sick you feel when your head is stuffy and your fever rising. You need to rest. Your car and truck are the same way if their radiator and cooling system are not running freely. If your vehicle begins to run hot, or fevered, and you continue to push it instead of taking it to the “doctor” you can do extensive damage to the engine.