Your Car Has a Fever and the Only Prescription is Auto Radiator Repair

We’ve all been miserable with a cold or the flu — hot, stuffy head, tired, so tired, and not operating on all our cylinders. Your car or truck also slows down and runs poorly when the radiator is overheating, or fevered, and the fluid mixture not moving freely. If your vehicle is running with a fever, we’re your go-to clinic for Auto Radiator Repair in Edmonton. Our mechanics have decades of experience with vehicles, and they will tell you that a cool running vehicle operates cleaner and more efficiently.

The radiator liquid circulates, displacing the heat of a running engine. Keep your eye on your vehicle’s temperature to be sure your engine doesn’t overheat. If the temperature rises, stop by and let us diagnose the problem. The radiator is critical to your vehicle, and having a leaky radiator repaired immediately and correctly is vital to avoid damage to the engine.

  • Radiator Leaks Need to Be Fixed Promptly

    Why Radiator Leaks Need to Be Fixed Promptly

    Perhaps you have a leaky radiator but hope to put off the repair for a little while. We discourage that because of the extensive damage that can be done to your car or truck in just a small amount of time. Some of the expensive ways your auto can be damaged by an overheated engine are:

    •A blown-out top header
    •Complete destruction of your radiator
    •Head Gasket can crack or blow out
    •Total engine seizure

    Lower your vehicle’s temperature and your blood pressure while you save a bundle of money by getting a heated radiator diagnosed immediately. Contact us for an appointment and inspection at our Edmonton shop to see if your Auto’s Radiator needs to be repaired.

  • Other Auto Radiator Parts

    Keep Your Eye on Other Auto Radiator Parts

    To operate properly, the radiator must receive proper airflow to allow its fins to cool the liquid that courses through the engine. Before placing anything in front of your radiator — even in our sub-zero Alberta winters — check with the professionals at A-1 Tire & Battery. You want to avoid Auto Radiator Repair for your Edmonton vehicle. Our experienced, certified mechanics will be able to answer any questions you have about Auto Radiator Repair in Edmonton.

    When you check your radiator’s fluid levels, look at your radiator cap to be sure it is in good shape and capable of holding the pressure in your radiator. A damaged cap can release the pressure, causing the fluid to boil more quickly and your vehicle to run hotter. If the temperature of your vehicle is higher than normal, check with our professionals to see whether it needs repairing, replacing or just flushing to rinse out contaminants.

We’re your Edmonton experts on Auto Radiator Repair, so don’t be shy. Call to chat with our experts or stop by our Edmonton shop to schedule an assessment of your vehicle’s need for Auto Radiator Repair. Let’s lower the fever for your car or truck and get your cool car running up to full speed.