Keep Your Vehicle Running in Tip-Top Shape with Routine Oil Changes

Regular oil changes for your Edmonton vehicles are critical to keeping them in good health and running smoothly. As oil ages, it deteriorates and picks up flecks of metal and other contaminants from the engine. Over time, running old oil can badly damage a vehicle’s engine, sometimes beyond repair.

At A-1 Tire & Battery, we stock the highest quality oils and filters for all makes and models of vehicles. Your safety and peace-of-mind are our top priority. So contact us for seasonal oil changes for all your Edmonton vehicles to keep you and your family safe in all weathers. Our harsh Alberta temperatures can endanger your life if you are unexpectedly exposed to the elements. So, keeping all your vehicles maintained is critical to the safety and well-being of your and your family.

The age and mileage of your car or truck, as well as the upcoming Edmonton season, will dictate which of our oil changes and oil weights are appropriate for your individual vehicle. As you schedule an oil change, consult with our highly trained and experienced personnel about recommendations for your car or truck.

  • Regular Oil

    In addition to filling your vehicle with the proper amount of new oil, our certified mechanics check and replace fluids in your vehicle’s various systems during each oil change. They also replace air filters as needed and consult with you on any other aspect they think warrants a thorough inspection. Some areas, such as air pressure in tires, an oil pan or strut that might have been dented by one of our deep potholes, worn hoses and belts, and other structural problems may be easily visible when our experienced technicians are changing your oil. It is as natural as breathing for our mechanics to mention any possible problems to you so you can avoid a possible breakdown on the road.

  • Synthetic Oil

    Synthetic Oil

    Synthetic oil is designed to protect your engine better and increase a vehicle’s performance. That is why we offer a specific “High Mileage Oil Change” or complete synthetic change for our customers who desire the extra protection. All our Edmonton oil changes offer the same great advantages — fluid check and replacement, air filter check and replacement and overall visual inspection. You can extend the life of the engines in your car and truck while decreasing their need for repair by choosing synthetic oil changes for your Edmonton vehicles. Consult with our experienced mechanics for their recommendations concerning the best oil change for your particular vehicle in an approaching season.