A-1 Auto, Marine & RV Batteries

Batteries provide the spark of life for your cars, trucks, boats and RVs. When batteries become weak or fail, you are not just inconvenienced but your life is endangered during the harshest of Alberta’s weather. For high-performance batteries and battery service you can count on for all your Edmonton Auto, Marine & RV Batteries, contact our knowledgeable professionals at A-1 Tire & Battery.

  • Car & Truck Batteries

    Car & Truck Batteries

    Batteries and people have much in common – they weaken with age. That is why we in Edmonton have to pay attention to all our Auto, Marine & RV Batteries. The winters are so harsh here a weak battery will die in the frigid temperatures. Having a reliable vehicle can be the difference between life and death, so we encourage our customers to bring a weak battery by A-1 Tire & Battery before bad weather arrives. Once we run diagnostics on it, we will know if it is strong enough to be charged or if you need a new battery for your truck or car. We sell high performance Auto, Marine & RV Batteries with manufacturer warranties for our Edmonton customers. We also have the facilities to assess your car and truck batteries so you know your car will have the spark it needs to start in all kinds of weather.


  • Marine Batteries

    Marine Batteries

    If you are pricing a battery for your boat, it might be tempting to purchase the lower cost auto battery rather than the more expensive marine battery. That is not in your best interest as boats require a much stronger battery than your car or truck does. Your vehicle needs a battery only to start the engine. Afterward, it recharges as the vehicle runs. Boats, however, require your battery to start the engine, then to run lights and other accessories. Imagine being stuck in the middle of a lake, night falling and your battery fails. Not only are you stranded, but without lights you are invisible to other boats until they are too close. Purchasing a durable, high-performance marine battery can prevent inconvenience and might save your life. We stock Auto, Marine & RV Batteries for our Edmonton customers and are happy to help you select a battery that best suits your needs for all your engines.


  • RV Batteries

    RV Batteries

    Your RV is your home away from home, and you want to enjoy your time on the road, not be worried with equipment failure far from your familiar suppliers. That is why we encourage our customers to come by and have us run diagnostics on their RV batteries before leaving home. A strong RV battery is essential because it powers your lights, water pump and basically your home for long periods of time. Check with us at A-1 Tire & Battery for a wide selection of deep-cycle batteries for all your motorized and towed RVs. We can provide you with durable, high-performance Auto, Marine & RV Batteries for all your Edmonton-based engines, along with manufacturer warranties for your peace of mind. Consider us your one-stop shop for all your batteries and for keeping them strong.