Brake Service Makes Your Vehicle More Reliable & Safer to Drive

Having to brake quickly because a light is changing, a pothole is spotted, or a vehicle pulling out suddenly is an everyday occurrence. Having excellent Brake Service on your Edmonton vehicle prevents those times from becoming accidents, saves you money and may save your life or that of others around you.

A-1 Tire & Battery has invested in the latest technology and offers the highest performance products to our Edmonton customers for their Brake Service and all the other automotive services we perform. Your safety is our number one goal. Brake systems vary from one model vehicle to another, but they feature disc brakes on the front wheels, drum brakes for the rear, and a parking brake to hold your car or truck in place for long periods of time.

  • Brake Parts

    Brake Parts

    At A-1 Tire & Battery, in Edmonton, we offer expert Brake Service on:

    Brake Discs, on which our professional and experienced technicians inspect the rotors, pads, calipers and hardware. Every part of your disc brakes are serviced for wear and with your safety in mind.
    Brake Drums present drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, and return springs which need to be inspected periodically. If any part is worn or malfunctioning, it needs to be replaced, tightened or adjusted. Our experienced mechanics use their decades of knowledge to provide you with the best Brake Service in Edmonton.
    Parking Brakes require strong cables on which you can rely in all situations and weather. Our service team is trained to scrutinize the cables to assure they are in condition to hold your vehicle securely in place.

    Regular maintenance normally keeps your vehicles delivering you safely to the destinations of your life. However, there are times when even the best maintained vehicles may develop problems. Whether you need Brake Service or other automotive services for your Edmonton vehicles, call us and we’ll solve your situation and get you back on the road.

  • Warning Signs

    Warning Signs

    When driving, if you notice your brakes and/or vehicle behaving in any of the following ways, get to us quickly and allow us to help you stay safe.

    • Dashboard light turns on — If the Anti-lock Braking System light comes on, your brake fluid is probably low. It may signal a leak in the line, and you need to have the vehicle inspected as soon as possible.
    • When a grinding noise or a squeal accompanies pushing the brake pedal, the solution may be as simple as an adjustment or it may mean the pads are worn and should be replaced.
    • If your vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes, an inspection is called for to determine whether an adjustment will suffice, brake fluid is leaking, or some of the parts need to be replaced.
    • Vibration and shaking of the steering wheel, brake pedal or entire vehicle when the brakes are applied signals that the rotors may be warped and need to be replaced.
    • If the brake pedal is difficult to press or feels spongy, air has probably gotten into the lines or you have low fluid.

    All these symptoms signal situations that you should get to our clinic as soon as possible to be diagnosed and solved. A healthy Brake System in your Edmonton vehicle is necessary to keep your family safe.